Eviction Dispute Resolution

When it comes to rent and eviction controls, San Francisco and its neighboring cities of Berkeley, Oakland, and Alameda are unquestionably the most regulated jurisdictions in the United States.  The lawyers at McLaughlin Sanchez are seasoned veterans who successfully help landlords navigate these complex laws.

A hallmark of every rent and eviction control statute in the Bay Area is the requirement that a landlord prove a just cause before evicting a tenant. Those just causes include fault-based evictions like failure to pay the rent or creating a nuisance, as well as no-fault evictions like an owner/relative move-in evictions.  The lawyers at McLaughlin Sanchez have seen just about every kind of problem landlords face, and have proven strategies for recovering possession in the quickest, most efficient and cost-effective manner that the law permits. Each of the lawyers at McLaughlin Sanchez is a fearless advocate for our landlord clients.

The lawyers at McLaughlin Sanchez also counsel our landlord clients on how to comply with the San Francisco tenant buyout disclosure requirements.  In many cases, our clients ask us to negotiate tenant buyouts on their behalf, and we have the skill and experience to understand a client’s leverage and to use that advantage to obtain the most favorable terms possible.

Purchasing tenant-occupied property in a rent control jurisdiction can be nerve-racking.  The lawyers at McLaughlin Sanchez understand these complex rent and eviction control statutes, and counsel our clients prior to purchase so that potential buyers have complete information to allow them to make informed decisions.

If you are a landlord, or if you are considering purchasing tenant-occupied property in the Bay Area, we can help you avoid mistakes and enable you to achieve your objectives. McLaughlin Sanchez offers a flat-fee arrangement for many evictions.


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