HOA Attorneys – Homeowners Association Disputes

Legal Representation from our In-House HOA Attorneys

The lawyers at McLaughlin Sanchez help condominium owners resolve every kind of condominium ownership dispute.

Condo owners often feel at a disadvantage when they find themselves in a dispute with their homeowner’s association.  It can often feel like the deck is stacked against the individual unit owner.  The board of directors dictates the association’s agenda and often has seasoned lawyers backing them up.  The lawyers at McLaughlin Sanchez seek to level the playing field, and help turn the advantage toward our clients.  In one recent case, a client hired us to take on his board of directors after the board proposed changes to the association’s governing documents that unfairly targeted our client’s unit.  We successfully negotiated modifications to the governing documents that removed the sanctions against our client and ended the unfair discrimination.

We also represent individual condo owners who find themselves in disputes with one or more of their neighbors.  In one recent case, which we took to jury trial and obtained a unanimous verdict in our client’s favor, we obtained an injunction barring our client’s neighbor from continuing his harassing conduct, as well as an award of full attorney’s fees and costs for the trial.  The lawyers at McLaughlin Sanchez have the knowledge and experience to litigate every kind of neighbor dispute, and we seek the most cost-effective means of achieving our client’s objective.

Whether you have a dispute with your condominium’s board of directors, or you are having a disagreement with another owner in your complex, the lawyers at McLaughlin Sanchez know condominium law, and have the skill and experience to help you resolve your issue quickly and efficiently.