Michael is a formidable negotiator, a stickler for details, and he knows the law.- Craig A.

Michael efficiently walked me through the eviction process, alerted me to potential roadblocks ahead of time, and was highly responsive at all points throughout.- Stephanie R.

Michael is a great professional, is straight to the point, and knows tenant law like nobody else!- Erast B.

What continually impresses me about Isaac Jacobson is how calm, compassionate, and genuinely curious he is. Isaac Jacobson is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend this firm!- Shalene R.

Thank you, Michael McLaughlin! You explained the complexities involved, were spot on in your advice, and covered all my “what if?” questions with patience and detail. Two thumbs up!- Jonathan S.

There are a lot of scary tenant and roommate stories out there and the protection and peace of mind that comes with having Michael prepare your lease is worth every penny.- Catrina L.

Working with Michael McLaughlin has been a superior experience! We really are thrilled he is on our team and can continue to use his expertise!- Ellen G.

I was very impressed by Isaac Jacobson’s knowledge, professionalism, and compassion. Anything legal seems pretty scary, but he was able to assuage many of my fears and help me find a resolution quickly.- Anya L.

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