Michael is a formidable negotiator, a stickler for details, and he knows the law.- Craig A.

Andres is excellent. I spoke to probably 5 different attorneys before meeting him and wished I'd met him first. (Honestly, finding a good lawyer in this city, who is qualified in the realm of expertise you need, and is willing to LISTEN to your needs and cater to you is akin to dating.)

He followed up all my phone calls and emails in a very timely manner and was very professional -- even with a sense of humor.

I would definitely go back to Andres in the future, and I would recommend him, as well. He is great at what he does. - Elle T.

Michael is a great professional, is straight to the point, and knows tenant law like nobody else!- Erast B.

My husband and I are basically accidental landlords. We needed help with a tenant who we had let slide with nonpayment for far too long. Andres walked us through the process and took care of EVERYTHING. Andres and his staff were responsive and even when we dropped the ball in a couple of instances, they gave us gentle nudges to get them the documentation and signatures they need. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andres!
- Nora L.

Thank you, Michael McLaughlin! You explained the complexities involved, were spot on in your advice, and covered all my “what if?” questions with patience and detail. Two thumbs up!- Jonathan S.

Andres has to be one of the most experienced and capable real estate attorneys in San Francisco and Oakland. I can't fully express how much I respect him, and how much I have come to depend on him in managing our Oakland rental business. He has handled five matters for us up to this point--each was different, and each was resolved with a good outcome...

He acts with high integrity, but he also knows every tool available to him, and he's willing to use them in order to win a case or reach a fair settlement.

I try to consult with Andres as soon as I see trouble coming, and this has been the best way to go. Oakland can be a great rental market, but you have to be at the top of your game at all times, and Andres has helped us to do this. He's the best. - Chris G.

Working with Michael McLaughlin has been a superior experience! We really are thrilled he is on our team and can continue to use his expertise!- Ellen G.

I was very impressed by Isaac Jacobson’s knowledge, professionalism, and compassion. Anything legal seems pretty scary, but he was able to assuage many of my fears and help me find a resolution quickly.- Anya L.

What continually impresses me about Isaac Jacobson is how calm, compassionate, and genuinely curious he is. Isaac Jacobson is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend this firm!- Shalene R.

Andres Sanchez quickly resolved a difficult problem my wife and I had with a special needs relative living in our home who refused to leave.

Andres knew exactly what to, and did.

I'm confident that it was the manner in which he communicated directly with social workers that made this a win for everyone involved! - Eric M

There are a lot of scary tenant and roommate stories out there and the protection and peace of mind that comes with having Michael prepare your lease is worth every penny.- Catrina L.

Andrés is very knowledgeable and was able to resolve my matter with the result that I am very happy with... He helped me with the OMI case and of course there were a few curve balls along the way but he was able to handle them without breaking a sweat... if you're looking for an attorney, look for one that specializes in that particular field. If you're a landlord/property owner and in need of representation, look no further! - Tommy V.

Michael efficiently walked me through the eviction process, alerted me to potential roadblocks ahead of time, and was highly responsive at all points throughout.- Stephanie R.

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