Who We Are

We are real estate lawyers.  We help property owners navigate every kind of real estate dispute.  We represent landlords in dealing with problem tenants, and counsel other property owners who find themselves in disputes involving real property.  Whether you are a landlord who needs to evict a tenant or a homeowner who has a dispute with a neighbor, the lawyers at McLaughlin Sanchez have the knowledge and experience to solve your real estate problem.

At McLaughlin Sanchez, we set a clear strategy for each case that is individually tailored to meet your needs.  We keep each of our clients fully informed through each step of the process.  We understand that for many clients the legal process is a daunting, jargon-laden mystery that seems impossible to understand.  That is why we speak plainly and take the time to explain the complexities of the law and the judicial process so that our clients understand their case and can make informed decisions about strategy and tactics along the way.

The lawyers at McLaughlin Sanchez are fearless advocates who love what they do.  We pride ourselves on being able to craft solutions to the most vexing problems property owners confront.  If you happen to find yourself in a dispute with a tenant, or if you need a lawyer to represent you in some other dispute involving real property, the lawyers at McLaughlin Sanchez have the knowledge and experience to achieve your objectives.